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Multiple components replacing

With G-Electrical, we know it is possible to perform individual components replacements every time it becomes required. We could check how to perform a simple replacement of a component here. Now, if we are at the conclusion part of the project development, and arises the necessity of replacing multiple components at once, it will be necessary to perform a multiple components substitution, which, at the essence, is basically the same process as the simple one.

Multiple components replacement

With the feature named “components replacement”, is possible to change one or more components saving time in case of updating some component information on the project, or simply replace it for another (due a lack of stock, for example).

1. Go to the page where the components you wish to replace is.
2. Select all the components.
3. On the components pallete, find the one you want to put on the project instead.
4. Right click on the component that will be inserted on the components pallet.
5. Select the “Replace” option.
6. Pick up the keeping name option.

All set, the components have been replaced.

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