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Wires project numbering reset

The article will guide you to reset all wire number (tags) of a project.

Wires numbering reset…

1. Open the project;
2. On Classic interface, on the tab “Edit”, select the option “Find” like the Figure below.


You can use the shortcut:
“Ctrl + F” without the quotes.

3. Click on “Find…”, the popup “Find and replace” will open;

4. Click on “Advanced”, on bottom left icon of the popup “Find and replace”. When you click “Advanced”, the popup below will open;

5. The popup “Advanced” must be configured like Figure above. After doing this setting, click on “OK” and it will automatically close and go back to “Find and replace” popup. Click on “Find”;

6. When you click on “Replace” the name/number of all wires will be removed. When you access the “Project” pallet, you may notice that the wires name/numbers were removed.

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