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What is a library

A Library, in broader terms, can be seen as a space used to blocks management inside a CAD software. Its items can be called ‘blocks’ because, inside the design, they act like one single object.

CAD Library

In CAD platforms, the libraries allow users to save work time and standardize their projects, as well as developing them quicker.

Libraries are so fundamental that you can find many blocks on the internet, bringing the most diverse engineering designs. It is possible to build a library or even buy materials and contents with already existing blocks.

Libraries inside G-Electrical

G-Electrical has libraries for wires, cables and components. G-Electrical’s component library will be used inside the software to manage and store components info. The same apply to wire and cables.

What is the libraries role??

It is clear to perceive the importance of a library in a project development. While starting a project by inserting the schematic representations to when generating the bill of materials: the G-Electrical library allows the viability of a project inside the software.

Given the great importance of the component library for the smart use of the software, it is convenient to organize it and create standards that, later, will allow us to create reports and output the info of allocated components. Below, we can visualize an open library inside G-Electrical.


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