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Numbering wires manually

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In order to approach all the article subjects in the category Electrical Schematic, like: inserting wires (first method), inserting components, inserting components contacts, linking accessories, inserting wires (second method), inserting motor and connector etc., in a way it made more sense, it was necessary that we created an electric project with the intent of controlling a motor start.

For a better electrical diagram reading, it is necessary to name the project wires. With all the wires identified, G-Electrical is able to create reports that list all the project wires and inform all the established component connections, as well as allowing the wire addressing.

Manually naming a wires…

You can name a wire whatever you like inside a project. To accomplish this, just access its properties.

In the project we are developing, we shall name all the supply and protection wires.

1 Go to the Page palette.
2 Open the electric scheme.
3 Click twice over the page “04”.
4 In the graphics area, select the top supply wire.

5 Right click over the wire and select “Properties”.
6 In the field cable, type R1.
7 Click OK.

Notice the wire is now named R1, as well as all the connecting wires.

8 In the Page Palette, change to page 5.
9 Name the supply and protections wires, the phases being respectively R, S and T and the protection wire being PE.

10 Do the same to page 05 and 06, naming R1 and N, to the command wires and R, S, T and PE to the power wires.

OBS.: Some tags can be displaced, like the image below shows:

Redefining the shim position…

1 Go to Initial tab.
2 Go to Wire Tools and select the tool “Show Numbers”.

All project tags will be redefined.

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