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To be able to approach every subject under Electrical Schematics, such as inserting wires, components, contacts of a component, linking accessories, and others, in a neater way, we created a project to control the direct start of an engine. 

Much like the tool to number terminals, the resource to name components serves for reordering components.



1. On the Home tab, go to Components and select Tagging;

The column’s purpose is identification (Relation, Initial Value and Number), where the Relation is fixed and Initial Value and Number can be edited by the user.

What is the fields in the Name components window?

Utilised to define the automatic name of the component.

First number

Utilised to define what number will be shown between the prefix and sufix.


Utilised to define whether the numbering tool will be applied on the listed component.


Besides the above mentioned fields, you can define orientation (horizontal or vertical) as well as select on which pages the numbering is to be applied.


In case the user does not define what pages are to be numbered, G-Electrical will automatically apply all changes to all of the design’s components.

2. Define the parameters;

3. Click on the Ok button to confirm or on Cancel to cancel the modifications in the names.


Similar to the terminals, manually named components will not be influenced by this tool.

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