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Insert images on the DWG

This article will help you inserting images into your project. This is useful to, for example, put your company logo in the project sheet.

Attaching images…

1. With DrafSight opened, go to tab Insert > Reference image;
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2. Find and select the image you want and click Open;

3. Define the scale of the attaching image in the project and press Enter;


With this method, in case this project was opened in another machine, the image will not be shown, because the project just saved the image path, not the image file itself.


This way, your project will be lighter because the image is not saved into the project.

Inserting images…

1. Define the image to be used in your project;

2. Open the image with Paint;

3. Use the shortcut ctrl + A to select all the image and then ctrl + C to copy it;

4. Open the G-Electrical and paste it with ctrl + V;

5. Define the image scale and press Enter.


With this method, your project will be heavier, because the image is within it, but the image will always be visualized when the project is shared with others.

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