Inserting Index Page

Why is it important to have an index in your project?

The name put on the index will be the page name and, consequently, the value displayed when you export the project.

Insert/update index…

1. Right-click on the project name in the Pages palette;

2. Choose the Insert Index option;

3.A page selection window will be displayed. Select the pages to be shown in the index;

4. Click on “Ok”.

A new page group will be generated with a grid to inform the number and descriptions of all the pages in the project.


In case you wish to insert/remove pages in your project or alter your settings, you must refresh the index executing the same procedure as the one for index insertion.

If you try and refresh the index, a confirmation will appear and the update will be displayed. You can check if the changes are as you wish and, if they are, choose “Yes”.

Check out how to insert the page index in the video below:

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