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After you have concluded the electrical schematic and the mechanical layout, as well as generated the reports with the accompanying information, this article will teach you how to export the design into a PDF file, so you may be able to print it, send it to a client or share it with colleagues.

Before creating the PDF, it is important to finish the project by setting up the newly inserted page groups and regenerating the index to refresh it. To do that:

    Define the Properties of the Page groups


Do not remember how to set up page groups? Check the article here!

Now you are ready to export your project to PDF! Do the following steps:
1.Go to DraftSight icon > Export > PDF Export;
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2.In the Export option, you can:
-Set the directory file;
-Choose the paper size;
-Set the print style table;

If you want your project PDF colorful you can select default.ctb printstyle. To black and white, set monochome.ctb.

-Fill the document properties.
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3.After set your export information, click on Ok;
4.Your project will be in the directory that you placed in the export settings.
All done, you now have a PDF file of your design.

All you have to do is share it as you wish and move on to your next G-Electrical designs.

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