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Set components without representations on the project

What is the necessity of disabling the automatic purge?

During a project development, rises the necessity to forward to another department of the company the bill of materials, even though the components were not inserted into the electrical diagram or layout yet. Disabling the automatic purge setting turns out to be a possible way to add components from your library to your project, and from this, generate a preview of the bill of materials.

Disabling the automatic purge…

1. Go to GElectrical tab > GE Manage;
2. Click on the “Electrical options” tool;
3. Go to the project tab > General;
4. Change the value “YES” to “NO” on the automatic purge setting.



The automatic purge is responsible to delete components without any representation inserted into the graphical area.

Insert components into the project without representations…

1. Go to the components tab;
2. Select the desired component;
3. Right click it > Insert > Project.


This way, the component is inserted on the project, presenting all the available representations to insertion on the graphical area as soon as necessary.


It is possible, through the project pallet, insert the components representations added into the graphical area.

Finishing the settings, is possible to generate a bill of materials in advance and share with the others company´s departments.

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