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Set the configuration file

Now let´s explore of what the configuration file is.


When you opened the G-Electrical software for the first time, you may have encountered a window to the selection of a “configuration file”. If the window have not opened automatically, it means the G-Electrical has utilized a default configuration file. Later, we will see how define a default file. However, if was the case to open the window, you may had asked yourself…

Why do I have to select a configuration file?

Think about how interesting could be, when you begin a project, having the possibility to pre load some program’s configurations or define it at each a new project is opened, preventing from creating a whole new settings each time we start the software.
Before you begin a project, what is a CFG file and how we could define some settings?


GE Manage > Electrical settings… > Configuration
Command: qccfg

What is a configuration file ?

Is a .cfg file where will be saved all the information of the project’s configuration. Configurations like the project’s rule, language, page’s groups default, tool’s electric action, are examples of information that are been stored in this file. Besides the default files, it is possible to create custom CFGs to your customer or to a specific project kind.

What is a default CFG?

In case you work always with the same configurations, it is possible to set a default configuration file.

Selecting the configuration file…

1.Start the G-Electrical > GE Start > New;
2. A window will request that you select a configuration file;
3. Select the file ANSI-ENG.cfg.

Establish a default configuration file…

1.On the Manage tab
2. Open the Electrical settings…
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3.Select the settings that you want, in the option “Configuration”.

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The window displayed allows you to do the changes you want in your file “cfg”, allows to create new files, and allows you to define your default file.

4. Enable the default box beside the button save as…
5. Now, everytime the G-Electrical starts, the file CFG selected will be opened automatically.

In case you would like to select again the configuration manually, when you open the G-Electrical, disable the Default box again on electrical options

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