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Creating a sheet drawing (format)

We will take a look at how to create a drawing to a sheet format since the beginning. We will take the image below as reference.


Creating a sheet drawing (format)…

1. Open a new project on G-Electrical;
2. Access the GE Manage tab on the G-electrical interface;
3. Click on page groups;
4. Pick up the “Create a new page” option;

If you would like to edit an existing page to draw the format, pick up the “Edit and existing page” option instead. The procedure for both is pretty similar.

5. Click on next;
6. Select the format on the drawing list on the left column of the window;
7. Click on create;

If you had previously picked up the Edit and existing page option, instead of Create, click on Edit.


As long as every user has his/her own custom sheet standard, at this point we should draw the format we wish. Or we can use the example above. Here, we can use the CAD tools, like: lines, polilines, circles, texts and so on.

8. Draw the lines, columns, as well as the sheet edges;



  • About the insertion point, during the drawing stage, is very important to keep the entities at the correct insertion, which will be (0,0). It must match with the beginning of the page columns and the ending of the page lines reference.
  • In relation to the layers, everytime a block is created, its entities must be at the 0 layer. To check this, enable to properties pallete. if there are any layer besides the 0 one, it must be switched to the layer 0, mandatorily.

Setting the insertion point…

1. Use the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut to select all the drawing;
2. Type Move, at the command window;
3. Select the drawing reference point which you will use on your format and click enter;
4. Type 0,0 coordinate on the command window to set the origin point as reference on your drawing.

Saving the drawing…

1. Click on “Ok” on the drawing editing environment;
2. Click on next;
3. Click on Finish.

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