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Create typical circuits

What is a typical circuit?

Inside G-Electrical, a typical circuit is a type of component created based on a set of other standard components, for instance, a motor direct start. It is possible to create a typical circuit to perform a direct start without browsing component by component and making its connections, optimizing then, the development project time.

Creating a typical circuit…

1. Develop a set of components that you will apply on your typical circuit on the G-Electrical´s graphical area;
2. Select all the components and right-click it, create a typical circuit;
3. On the name field, set the typical circuit name;

4. Select the set properties manually option and click on next;
5. Click on edit to add a new insetion point to the typical circuit;

6. Click on insertion point and place it. Right after, click on Ok and next;


Inside the typical circuit editing, the components/wires/cables palletes remain enabled. So it is possible to add new component.

7. On the properties tab, fill the values with you will and click next;

8. On the replace tab, click next;


On the replace tab is possible to perform replacements of components already inserted by anohter ones, for instance, change a motor by another with a different current.

9. On the components library tab, set where the typical circuit will be saved on and click next > Finish.

Done the typical circuit creation, it is possible to insert it into your project and optimize time with standard circuits already made on previous projects.

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