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Create custom properties

Inside the component register, it is possible to fill technical information, as, manufacturer code, manufacturer, current, voltage and so on.

Will the component register information exhibited be enough?

For most the designers, the answer is Yes. However, there will be some cases where the designer would like to register another information to the components, for example: Short-circuit current, unit price and so on.

Creating new custom projects…

1. Go to the GE Manage tab;
2. Click on the Custom properties button;
3. A message will indicate that is recommended to do a backup of the database;
4. Click on “OK”;

What is the custom properties dictionary?



On this column, we will indicate the property name to the database. All tre properties must star with the prefix “TP_”.


 All the characters on the colum “name” must be with capital letter, with no spaces and no special characters.


On this column we will put the property description. Based on this description that will be shown the description on the component register.


The size intended to the properties. For instance, if the system code has a 10 size, it will be possible to fill 10 characters at most to this property. This is interesting to create information size boundaries (which will let the base lighter, due more precise information).


The max support number size is 254.


5. Fill the name, description and size fields and right after, click on “Ok”.

All set. Now you are allowed to fill inside the component library properties new information, for instance, the unit price.

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