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Correcting invalid blocks

If you are experiencing any of the following behaviors, your blocks may be invalid:

  • The block is not inserted and G-Electrical displays an “Error: Invalid block” message
  • The inserted block looks different than its register
  • Strange entities appear in the graphics area when you add a component to the project
  • G-Electrical creates new page groups or inserts new pages on its own.

Any block with additional layers or other blocks inside is invalid for use in G-Electrical.

If a block is causing trouble, there are two possibilities:

  • There are more layers than layer 0
  • There are one or more blocks between the entities

G-Electrical manages the project blocks and manipulates pages through the project layers. Both situations mentioned above may lead to errors.

To correct that, it is necessary to remove any layers besides 0, as well as explode any block inside the register.

  1. On the GElectrical interface, right-click on any tab
    It can even be on empty space, you just need to open the menu options
  2. Click on MAIN > Layers

To check for additional or frozen layers

  1. In the new tab displayed with the layers, check out if there is any layer besides 0 (zero) and if any layer is frozen

If a layer is frozen, its name will appear in light gray

The block cannot have any frozen layers. If you find one, double-click on the ice icon next to the layer name to unfreeze it. To correct the block:

  • On the keyboard, use the shortcut Crtl + A to select all entities
  • On the Properties palette, check out if all entities are in layer 0
  • If they are not, set them all to 0
  • With all elements still selected, check on the Properties palette what kind of entities are present in the selections
  • If there are any blocks, explode the selection by pressing “X”
  • Finally, execute the PU command in the command window, and remove all non referred entities.
  • To avoid trouble with component representations or pages, you should maintain some patterns on your blocks, as seen above.


    Requirements of a G-Electrical block:
    – Only layer 0;
    – No entities of the block type.

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