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Setting labels in components

This article will help you to set labels on a component in a way it indicates on a window the function of the component. For example, a button used to toggle on and off determined motor.

Setting labels in components…

1. Go to the library palette;

2. Select the components you wish to add labels to;

3. Access right clicking the library properties of the desired component;

4. Go to the Designs tab and edit the schematic representation;


5. Inside the component editing, click in Edit properties;

6. In the displayed window, add the following attributes by clicking the “+” symbol:






In the caption field, you can fill accordingly to your needs, since this field is the text shown in the window when the component is inserted.

Attribute to indicate the size of the labels, like, for example, the size of a button’s label.


7. After adding the new attributes, click in the “ok” button to confirm the casting of the new attributes;

8. Click again in the “ok” button to confirm the editing and representation alterations;

9. Click “ok” to end component editing.

Done, now this component will have fields to be filled in these labels, upon being inserted. For example “Motor On” or “Motor off” accordingly to the image bellow.


More info

If you want to export a label list, access Generate a label list.

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