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Register terminal decks

Terminals are elements which provides secure electrical and mechanical connections to electric wires and cables. Among the several kind of connectors, terminals are mostly used because they save space on electrical panels, protect equipment, and provide easy assembling and maintanance.

What is the advantage of using terminals with decks on a electrical panel?

Despite all this, sometimes we need to save even more space on our electrical panels. This may happen due project restrictions or maintanances that require, for example, more components. A pretty commom situation on these cases is to use terminals with decks, that allow more connections between wires that a standard terminal would to.

How do we do this on G-Electrical?

It is possible to represent terminals with decks on the library, and those have their own schematic representations and different numbering to each deck.

Creating a deck…
1. On the components pallete, click on “unlock changes” and fill in the credentials;
2. Right-click on the components folder > New component… > Next;
3. On the type field, select additional deck of terminal;
4. Click on next;
5. Register the deck schematic;

At this stage, is possible to select an already existing representation of terminal and copy it from the library. However, after pasting it, we need to create the properties on the drawing.


A deck representation has to own mandatorily the “STRIP” “NUMBER” and “PARENT” properties. The program, in some cases, automatically creates them on the representation editing environment. In addition, do not forget the connection properties.

6. Click on the Next button;
7. Select the root folder desired;
8. Click on Next > Finish.

Linking a terminal deck…
1. On the components pallete, click on “unlock changes”;
2. Right click on the terminal we wish to register your decks, and click on library properties;
3. Select the Decks tab;
4. On the “Select” field, choose the deck previously registered;
5. Click on add deck;
6. On the connections field, fill the connection values;


The connections shall be registered the same way as the contacts, this is, inside the deck block shall exist the “LIGACAO” attribute to each connection done.


Click here in case you would like to remember the needed properties on the representations.

7. Click on Ok.

Numbering the terminal decks…

G-Electrical: GE Modify, Components > Number terminals…

1. Open the window “Number terminals”;
2. Select the “Decks/Contacts numbered separately” option;
3. Click on Ok.

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