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Update the cross-reference automatically

During the development of the project, you may perceive that the cross-referencing is not updated automatically, either while inserting a component or even moving a contact associated to it.

Why this happens?

This happens due a setting on the electrical options of G-Electrical that shall be enabled to update the cross-referencing automatically, every time a new component is inserted or a contact is moved.

Update the cross-reference automatically…

1. Go to GE Manage > Electrical options;
2. Fill in the user and password to unlock the palletes and settings;
3. On the components tab, click on cross-reference;
4. Change the automatic grid value from “NO” to “YES”;
5. Click on “Ok”.

All set. This way, every time a component with cross reference is inserted into your project, or even one of its contacts is moved, the reference will be updated automatically, keeping your project always organized and with accurate information.

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