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Updating components data on the project

It is possible to update the data of components already placed into a project to their most recent version. An outstanding practical example is the reuse of an out of date project to iniciate new ones. However, the saved data on those projects are outdated as well, once the component´s representation or information could have been modified to a new pattern.

Updating a component already place into a project through the converting selection feature

1. Click on the desired components at the graphics area that you wish to update;
2. Click on GE Modify > Convert selection.


The convert selection feature will exclusively update the previous selected components. The updating process through the convert selection is way faster than through the Convert all tool.

Updating the component already placed into a project through the converting all feature.

1. Go to the GE Modify;
2. Click on the Convert all feature;
3. Wait for the converting process.


The converting all feature will update all the components of the project. However, as long as it will check the whole project, the converting time will be longer than the converting selection feature, varying according to the project size

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