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Setting up properties for export

The export settings for CSV make it easier to customise the fields you wish to export. You can define individual size of each field and its alignment (left or right) and the character to complete the property value until it achieves the set up size.


Menu: Project > Export…
Ribbon: Project > Import/Export > Export…

Setting up export to CSV…

1. Click on Advanced in the export window;
A Export Data window will appear.

2. Set up the properties that are to be exported;

3. Click on New;

4. Fill in the necessary information. Note that if you don not fill in the desired size, G-Electrical will use the value to be exported.


If you leave Size blank, the fields “Complete with” and “Align” will also be automatically disconsidered.


If the size value is greater than the one specified in the Size field, the character quantity will be shrunk to the specified amount.

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