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Adding the cable via information

This article will guide you adding the cable via information on your cable block.

Adding the cable via…

1. Go to GE Manage tab and click on Electrical Settings;
2. On the cables tab, click on general;
3. On the banding block, identify which block is used for the cable.


At this point, it will show up an information equal ou similar to this path: “QCCFG\DRAWINGS\ANILHACABOS” where the desired block is the “ANILHACABOS” which is inside the folder QCCFG\DRAWINGS.

4. Open the directory on your database and locate the file following the banding block directory;
5. Select the corresponding block to the banding block and open it on G-Electrical;
6. Click on the graphical area to insert the previously selected block;
7. Copy one of the attributes and past it on the graphical area;
8. Edit the attribute name to VIA and the value to {VIA};

9. Check if all the attributes are at the layer 0 and do not have any others blocks inside;
11. Set a new name to the block or just save it, overwriting the previous block;
12. Select on the graphical area the insertion point of the banding block.


At this point, is recommended to select the insertion point right below the CABO attribute. The insertion point will be taken into consideration at the insertion of a new cable into your project.

All set, right after executing the steps and save the cable number block again, the graphical area attributes will vanish, indicating that they were correctly saved. If the cable number block has not been changed, just restart the G-Electrical and insert a new cable into your project for the via to be indicated. In case you changed the name of the block, indicate the new one at GE Manage > Electrical Settings > Cable > General > Block banding.

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