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To be able to approach every subject under Electrical Schematics, such as inserting wires, components, contacts of a component, linking accessories, and others, in a neater way, we created a project to control the direct start of an engine.

In many cases, it turns out to be necessary to substitute wires inside a design. The project we are developing is a good example, as we are not respecting the color of neutral wires, which are by norm light blue, or that of the protection wires, which are normally green or green-yellow. 

Replace these wires…

  1. Go to the Pages palette;
  2. Open the page group Electrical Schematic;
  3. Turn to page 4 as current by double-clicking on it;
  4. Select the wires as shown in the figure below;
  5. Go to the Wires palette and open the folder “1,5mm²”;
  6. Right-click on the wire “1,5mm² (BLUE)”;
  7. Click on the Replace option;
  8. Select the Substitute keeping name option;
    Now the wires have been replaced;
  9. Do the same on the pages of direct start force and reversing start.






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