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Recover projects through the autosave

We are all susceptible to errors or blackouts which result in the G-Eelctrical closing before we were able to save our project. This is a reason of a great disappointment, because we lose hours of work. Below, we will talk about how to enable and setup the autosave feature in G-Electrical.

Enabling the autosave…

1. Go to the tools tab > Options…;
2. Click on system options > Autosave and back up;
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3. On autosave files directory is possible to alter the path the backups will be saved;


Copy the autosave path to open and access it through the files explorer.

4. Enable the autosave option and set the time between each save up.
5. Click apply and Ok..

The autosave file will not have the exactly same name of the original one, although the first part will be equal, followed by a code. Besides, the file format will not be .dwg, but a special format for autosaves. Altering the extension to .dwg is enough to make possible to open it at G-Electrical again.

Every time we save a drawing, G-Electrical creates a copy of the original version of your drawing before the saving and changes the format to .bak. This way, if something happens, like a fatal error, you can simply modify the .bak file format to .dwg and you will recover the drawing the way it was on the last saving.

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