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Palettes Flutuantes

We know that the G-Electrical palletes are side windows, located on both sides of the graphical area, each one with its own specific function (Component, Wires, Pages, Project, and so on…). On G-Electrical, most of the job is done using palletes. However, when we resize a pallete, increasing it, to better view its itens, we end up decreasing inversely proportional the size of the graphical area.

Keeping this in mind, It is possible to perform the Auto Hide of palletes, to be possible to hide them automatically, after using them. This will leave your screen better optimized for the graphical area, avoiding the need of zooming plenty of times to project/view.

Hide the palletes automatically…

1. Go to any pallete.
2. On the upper corner, click on “Auto Hide” icon.

In case you work with 2 or more screens, we can keep your palletes floating, placing them wherever you wish. It is pretty practical to use palletes on a second screen, while you keep the graphical area as priority on the first one.

With this features, will be pretty easy to develop projects, as long as we will be working with a screen dedicated just for the graphical area, which is what really matters.

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