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Numbering Terminals

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To be able to approach every subject under Electrical Schematics, such as inserting wires, components, contacts of a component, linking accessories, and others, in a neater way, we created a project to control the direct start of an engine.

As you have seen before, whenever you insert a terminal, there is a possibility the number will be filled automatically. As they are added (if they belong to the same strip), they will continually follow a predefined logic.

Sometimes, this order might need to be altered. For instance, if you add more terminals to the left of the ones already inserted. The number will increase with each new terminal, but it will make absolutely no sense on the design.

But let’s say that order needs to be changed. We inserted some more posts to the left of those that were already inserted. Consequently, its numbering will continue upward when a new terminal is inserted.


Numbering Terminals…

1. Go to the Home tab;
2. Under Components, go to Number Terminals;
3. A new window to name components will open;

There will be some columns available to standardise the identification of your terminals (Tag, First Number, Strip and Number), where the Tag and Strip columns are fixed while First Number and Numbering may be altered by the user.

What is the fields to be filled in the Numbering Terminals?


Utilised to define the automatic name of the terminal.

First number

Utilised to define with which number the strip will initiate the numbering.


Utilised to define the strip’s name on the terminal.


Utilised to define whether the numbering tool will be applied on the listed strip.


Besides the information above, you can define the orientation (Vertical or Horizontal), as well as select on which pages the numbering it will be applied.


In case the user does not define the pages to be numbered, G-Electrical will automatically apply the changes to all terminals of the design.

4. Click on OK to confirm or Cancel to cancel the changes in the numbers.


The manually named terminals will not be influenced by any changes in this window.

Different from the Numbering terminals command, numbering by selection does not open a window to name components. Instead, the user selects which terminals are to be modified in the workspace and their data will be defined through the command window.

In this case, the user can first select the terminals to be numbered or activate the command and then select the terminals.

Numbering terminals by selection

1. Go to the Home tab;
2. Under Components, select the Number Terminals;
3. In the command window, type in the initial value you desire to initiate numbering with and press Enter.

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