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Numbering Wires Automatically

Apply to: 2016 R1

To define a name for the other wires in a project, you will use a tool called Numbering. This tool is completely customizeable.

Numbering wires…

1. Go to G-Electrical tab > Wires;
2. Click on the Numbering tool;


It will indicate the prefix to be used by the wires numbering. If the prefix X is selected, the numbering will go X1, X2, X3 and so on.

First Number

It will indicate the beginning. If, for example, the initial number is 1000, the sequence will go 1000, 1001, 1002 and so on.

Show Numbers

It is possible to define if the numbering will be hidden or displayed in the project.


It is possible to define if the wires will be numbered by their orientation.




You can also define at what page interval the command will be executed. In the default mode, all pages are selected.

3. You can leave everything in default mode and click Ok.

Note that now all the wires in your project have an assigned number.

For the wires that had a previously attributed number, this is, manually named wires, like R, S, and T, the automatic numbering will not interfere. It will apply only to unnamed or automatically numbered wires.

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