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Install the SQL Management

You can do the Download of SQL Management directly from the Microsoft Web site. It is recommended to install the 2014 version. You can find it clicking below:

SQL Management 2014

Install SQL Management…

1. Run the installer to extract the files;
2. On install tab, click in New Install or add features to an existing installation;

3. Check the option “Use Microsoft Update” to check for updates and click next;
4. On this step, a scanning process will be done on the integrity of the files for the installation.


It is recommended that you keep the firewall off during installation.

5. Click on “Perform a new installaTion of SQL Server 2014” or “Add features to an existing instance of SQL Server 2014”;

6. Check the option to accept the license terms, then click “Next>”;

7. Click to select all the options, then click “Next>”;

8. A scanning process will be performed again, and then the installation will start;
9. Click exit after the installation.

This is how a new SQL instance was created along with SQL Management or simply added the SQL Management tools to an existing instance. With SQL Management you can access an instance and perform backup/restore of a database for the security of your files.

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