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Identify patterns on projects

It is possible to be more productive on the electrical projects development if you spot some patterns. It could be diagrams that repeat over and over, motor starts which only difference is the system power… On G-Electrical, you are able to create typical circuits: pre-set drawings.

Some examples of patterns:
? Three phases already named with the wire gauge set (with the variations R|S|T, L1|L2|L3…);
? Busses;
? Motor direct start diagram;
? Specifics motor indirect start diagrams (reversing, star-triangle, Dahlander…);
? Identical electrical diagrams with small variations on the load;
? Identical electrical diagrams with small variations on the manufactures..


This was only a few tips. Spot your own project patterns and be more productive!

Create a typical circuit…

1. Draw the diagram you want to make a standard one.;
2. Select the diagram on the graphics area;
3. Right click it;
4. Select the “Create a typical circuit” option;
5. Set the typical circuit name;
6. Follow the steps of the assistant;
7. Finish the assistant.

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